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Available Products Item Number Price Quantity to Purchase
120-208-240V Smart Switched 1-U Rack PDU W/Autoping 220 $189.00
25 Line RJ-11 4P2C Breakout Box C50 $49.00
DLI -48V DC Power Switch 482 $395.00
DLI 16-Channel Audio Logging System F16KIT $3,995.00
DLI 16-Channel USB Audio Logging Module F16W $995.00
DLI 20 Port Serial Crosspoint Switch SS20 $149.00
DLI Ethernet DIN Relay 3 DIN3 $159.95
DLI Military Communications Recorder SINCGARS $995.00
DLI RF Multicoupler RFM $295.00
DLI Remote Call Forwarder RCF $295.00
DLI Single Channel Personal Logging System PL3 $79.00
DLI Single Channel Personal Logging System PLU $89.00
Direct T1 to USB Audio Recorder USB2T1 $1,295.00
Ethernet Power Controller III W/Autoping EPCR3 $295.00
Rack Mount Bracket for Web Power Switch LPC-RMB $18.00
Web Power Switch VII LPC7 $129.00