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DLI Ethernet DIN Relay 3


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Our Price: $159.95
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Web switching is now affordable!  Get a complete web server, power supply, auto-ping, clock/calendar, and eight relays all in a miniaturized package at a breakthrough price! 

Control Any AC or DC Device!

Control anything anywhere! Do it reliably. Save time, eliminate service calls, save power.  Reboot remote routers and APs.  Control and sequence lighting, machinery, all via the web! Customize the web server with your own links. Do it all securely from your browser.  You can quickly write programs for autonomous control.  Utilities like our new email alerter are included free.

Incredible Value - From $129!

Over 150,000 are in use today.  Try a single relay for $159 or take a quantity discount -- just $135 on 10 or more!  Order online or call (408) 330-5599 for immediate shipment.

3.0 Design Update 12/17/12:  Real Time Clock, Scheduling Feature, LCD Display, Keypad

We've added a real-time-clock with battery backup , NTP, and local time sync.  There's a fully programmable LCD and a keypad for setup and local control.  AutoPing is faster and more flexible. Use the new scheduling feature and BASIC scripting  to quickly implement control systems without the hassle of a complex PLC. 


Like to learn more?

Call (408) 330-5599, read the FAQs, check the updated spec sheet, or preview  the manual.
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